Alpha Course

Details of our current Alpha courses can be found on our special events page.

Alpha is an opportunity for anyone to explore the Christian faith in a relaxed setting over ten thought-provoking weekly sessions, or with a day or weekend away. Over 8 million people have now attended an Alpha course, an opportunity to explore the meaning of life, running in tens of thousands of churches of all denominations across the world.

Who’s Alpha for?
• People interested in finding out more about what Christians believe.
• New Christians
• Those who want to brush up on the basics of the Christian faith
• Everyone!
….without any obligation or pressure!

What happens?
A light meal or snack is normally served first upon arrival – and an opportunity to chat. This is followed by a talk on video covering subjects such as:
• Who is Jesus?
• How does God guide us?
• Can I overcome evil?
• Does God heal people?
After each video there is time in smaller groups for everyone to discuss any questions they have. It’s all low-key, and no pressure.

What’s the cost?
We don’t charge for the Alpha course.

Please contact us for further details or to register your interest for our next course. Alternatively, visit for more information.